Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity

The Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity is charged with organizing state resources and related activities related to Oklahoma’s recent increase in seismic activity. Formed at the direction of Governor Fallin in September 2014, the Coordinating Council meets regularly to share data, studies, developments and proposed actions related to Oklahoma’s earthquakes.

The Coordinating Council is not a fact-finding or rulemaking body. Its primary mission is to bring about more efficient and effective action through the collaboration of interested stakeholders from across the state—these stakeholders include not only regulators and industry, but also academics, non-governmental organizations and an environment-focused association.  The group has been successful in identifying gaps and overlap in state agency activities and opportunities for improving the state’s communication with the public.

Resources related to the activities presented in the letter can be found in the “What We Are Doing”  tab of this website.